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LAN Full Form - Local Area Network

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 Local Area Network

Local Area Network

  • LAN stands for Local-area Network. It’s a computer network that covers a comparatively small area like within a building or campus of up to a few kilometers in size.
  • LANs are generally used to connect personal computers and workstations in company offices to share common resources, like printers, and exchange information.
  • Varieties of experimental and early commercial LAN technologies were developed within the 1970s.
  • Cambridge Ring was developed at Cambridge University in 1974.
  • Ethernet was developed at Xerox PARC between 1973 and 1974. ARCNET was developed by Data point Corporation in 1976 and announced in 1977.


  • Privacy :
    • LAN is a private network, thus no outside regulatory body controls it, giving it privacy.
  • High Speed :
    • LAN offers a way higher speed (around 100 mbps) and data transfer rate comparatively to WAN.
  • Supports different transmission mediums :
    • LAN support a spread of communications transmission medium like an Ethernet cable (thin cable, thick cable, and twisted pair), fiber and wireless transmission.
  • Inexpensive and Simple :
    • A LAN usually has low cost, installation, expansion and maintenance and LAN installation is comparatively easy to use, good scalability.

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  • It allows the sharing of costly resources like printers, scanners among all of the computers. Thus, it reduces cost in hardware purchases.
  • It also allows sharing of software, rather than purchasing the separately licensed software for every client during a network.
  • Data is stored on the server computer, which makes it easier to manage data and makes the data safer, because it is stored at just one place.
  • Communication among the connected computers is easy and cheap as data and messages can easily be shared with the opposite computers connected across the network.
  • Local Area Network also provides the ability to share one internet connection among all the LAN users.


  • The initial setup costs of putting in Local Area Networks are high because there's special software required to form a server.
  • Communication devices like an Ethernet cable, switches, hubs, routers, cables are costly.
  • LAN administrator can see and check personal data files also as Internet history of each and every LAN user. Hence, the privacy of the users are violated.
  • LANs are restricted in size and cover only a limited area.
  • Since all the data is stored during a single server computer, if it is accessed by an unauthorized user, can cause a significant data security threat.

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