AHRC Full Form | What is the full form of AHRC

AHRC Full Form - Asian Human Rights Commission

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  • AHRC stands for Asian Human Rights Commission. It's an independent and non-government organization started by a group of jurists and right activists in Asia.
  • It had been established in 1986 to market awareness of human rights within the Asian countries.
  • It promotes civil, economic, political, social and cultural rights. AHRC is headquartered in Hong Kong.
  • Its sister organization is Asian Legal Resource Centre ( ALRC ) which holds General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC )


  • To promote and defend human rights by evaluation, investigating and taking appropriate legal actions
  • To work for the social inclusion of discriminated groups of individuals like women, children, minorities and dalits.
  • To create an efficient information system using modern communication techniques to make sure quick and appropriate action against human rights violation.
  • To create awareness about human rights especially through the folk’s school approach.
  • To support and encourage countries in undertaking legal, judicial and administrative changes to safeguard the rights of individuals.
  • To help resolve disputes between countries through peacemaking and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Conduct relevant programmer to promote human rights.
  • To encourage countries to ratify the UN conventions and help they create national right commissions.
  • To develop regional human rights mechanisms to promote the values of the Asian Human Rights Charter.

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