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DHT Full Form | Full Form of DHT

DHT Full Form - Dihydrotestosterone



  • DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone or 5?-dihydrotestosterone (5?-DHT).
  • It's also referred to as androstanolone or stanolone.
  • It's a sex hormone that stimulates the development of male characteristics. It's produced within the body of both men and ladies, but utilized more by men than women.
  • DHT is produced when an androgen, male sex hormone usually testosterone, is metabolized by an enzyme called 5ar (5 alpha reductase).
  • DHT is responsible for regulating neurological health, blood cell formation and a few physiological changes like Alopecia.
 Dihydrotestosterone Diagram

Dihydrotestosterone Diagram

Why DHT affects people differently

  • Your proclivity to hair loss is genetic, meaning that it’s passed down in your family.
  • For example, if you’re male and your father experiences male pattern balding, it’s likely that you’ll show an identical balding pattern as you age. If you’re already inclined to male pattern baldness, the follicle-shrinking effect of DHT tends to be more pronounced.
  • The size and shape of your head can also contribute to how quickly DHT shrinks your follicles.

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