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Etc Full Form - Et cetera ( full form of etc )

  • "Et cetera" is a Latin term which is used on the places where we would like to mention "and other things" or "and so on"..
  • The term et cetera( full form of etc ) is usually written short form as etc.
  • This Latin word is adopted in English too and used to indicate continuance of a series with similar items.


  • For Example : If you're a stationary shop keeper, you'll say that you simply sell pen, pencil, note books, eraser etc.
  • It allows you avoid giving an entire list of comparable items as it won't be easy for the shopkeeper to incorporate each item or all similar items during a sentence or an inventory.
  • In lists where you use ? etc ? you would like to make sure that each one the listed items are similar or belong to at least one another.

Other Full Forms of ETC

  • ETC : Electronic Toll Collection
  • ETC : Evil Type Correction
  • ETC : Experiment Test Cycle
  • ETC : Earth Terrain Camera
  • ETC : Estimated Time of Completion

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