ACD Full Form | What is the Full Form of ACD

ACD Full Form - Automatic Call Distributor

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 Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributor

  • ACD stands for Automatic Call Distributor. It's a system or device which will recognize, manage and route large volumes of incoming calls.
  • It's a part of computer telephony integration (CTI) system.
 Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributor

  • ACD effectively disperses the incoming calls to the respecting groups of agents or executives.
  • It matches the callers to the agents who can best help them.
  • The tiny ACD devices are used to manage a few lines and enormous devices are wont to manage an large number of lines.
  • Most of the businesses offering service support or post sale services use ACDs to supply best customer service to their customers.

ACD kinds of distribution

There are different options for the distribution of incoming calls from a list, including:

 Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributors

Linear Call Distribution

  • Calls are distributed in sequence, whenever starting at the beginning.

Rotary call distribution or Circular call distribution

  • Calls are spread in sequence, beginning with the sequence that follows.

Uniform Call Distribution

  • Calls are periodically distributed, beginning with the individual who has handled the smallest amount number of calls.

Simultaneous Call Distribution

  • Calls are addressed at an equivalent time to all or any available extensions

Weighted Call Distribution

  • Calls are distributed within customer service people as per a customizable weighting, like contradictory abilities.

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