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IMDB Full Form - Internet Movie Database

  • IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database.
  • It's an online database of information associated with movies, televisions shows, actors, directors, biographies, plot summaries, reviews, video games, and related information.
  • The knowledge stored on IMDb comes from different sources like filmmakers, film studios, and other official sources.
  • However, most of the information is provided by IMDb users themselves.
 Internet Movie Database

Internet Movie Database

  • IMDb checks the information before it's saved within the database.
  • However, the web site also allows users to report mistakes in order that they will be fixed and therefore the accuracy of the data can be maintained.
  • IMDb was first published on 17 October 1990 by Col Needham, within the form a group of scripts and as an area to share information associated with movies.
  • Later it became a website after it registered for a domain on 5 January 1996 and have become a well-liked online platform to seek out information associated with movies.
  • In 1998, Internet Movie Database Ltd. Became a subsidiary of Amazon , which also uses it for the advertisement of its movies and DVDs which it, sells on its main website.
  • Today it's one among the most popular online entertainment destinations, with over 100 million unique users every month.
  • As of May 2019, IMDb has over 6 million titles and around 10 million personalities in its database and around 75 million registered users.


  • The idea about IMDb started with a Usenet post by Col Needham, who was both a professional computer programmer and movie fan.
  • The post was titled “Those Eyes” that has information about actresses with lovely eyes. Attracted by this concept, people with similar interests that came up with different lists on different topics.
  • Col eventually started Male Actors List whereas Dave Knight started a Directors List. These lists were meant to provide information on persons alive.
  • However, subsequently many lists surfaced that enumerated retired or dead celebrities in various genres. The goal was to form lists as inclusive as possible.
  • By the year 1990, the forum would come with over 10,000 films and TV programs. Col Needham posted a compilation of Unix Shell scripts that would search many of the lists mentioned above and this compilation eventually went on become IMDb.
  • Earlier, it had been known by a special name-rec.arts.movies movie database however, within the year 1993, it became an independent website operated by Col Needham himself and his personal followers. So as to expand the reach and content of the web site, other websites were invited to pool in data, which can be verified on discretion.
  • This activity worked immensely and helped the forum increase its content. With the rise in volume of data, many other sections and lists were added.
  • Many production staff members and independent filmmakers were added.
  • The website started allowing advertisements on the web site, particularly with the aim of managing the operations of the site.
  • Most of the first staff came from the growing computer programming industry and training schools, with not much knowledge in visual media.
  • In the year 1998 however, the web site was unable to attract sufficient financial resources that compelled Needham to sell off his company to .
  • He nonetheless added a condition to the whole agreement that secured the operations of IMDb with him and his small group of workers.

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