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EVS Full Form - Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences

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 Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

  • EVS stands for Environmental Studies. Because the name suggests, it's the study of the environment that refers to the surroundings in which we live. The components of the environment comprise everything that supports the survival of humans directly or indirectly.
  • These components are living like plants, animals and may be non-living like soil, water and air. The living components interact with their environment and adapt themselves to the environmental conditions.
  • EVS is taught as a subject in schools, however, it's also taught at the higher level education. Besides this, it's also used to solve day to day problems associated with the environment and its components.
  • It is taught in primary classes generally from 1st to 5th standard. Thereafter, it's included in Science.
  • We will say that it's a scientific study of the environment in which students gain specialty within the subjects and issues associated with the natural environment and its relationship to people.
  • EVS not only includes the physical or biological characteristics of the environment but also the social, cultural and other factors that affect the environment. So, it's a multidisciplinary academic field that studies human interaction with the environment during a systemic way.
  • It also includes the connection between the natural and built environment. So, it's a broad field of study with various degree programs in environmental studies like bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, etc.

Importance of Environmental Studies

  • It helps explore sustainable ways of living.
  • It helps understand the behavior of humans and other animals under natural environment.
  • It helps identify environmental issues and educate people about the same.
  • It offers ways to use natural resources without harming the environment.
  • It allows you to aware people about the importance and conservation of the environment.

Subjects of EVS

  • Apart from the ecology and environmental science, the EVS subjects also include the following related subjects :
    • Geography
    • Ethics
    • Anthropology
    • Policy
    • Politics
    • Urban Planning
    • Pollution Control
    • Natural Resource Management

Courses in EVS

  • There are many courses in EVS such as :
    • Certificate Courses in ecology
    • Diploma in environmental science
    • Sc. in environmental science
    • Bachelor of Environmental Management
    • Sc. in Environmental Management, and more.
    • D in earth science
    • D in environmental science, and more.

Eligibility for EVS courses

  • For undergraduate courses, the students must pass the 10+2 exam with biology together of the themes.
  • For post-graduate courses, the students must have a bachelor's degree during a science subject or similar fields.

Career options in Environmental Studies

  • Some of the favored job titles for the EVS students are as follows:
    • Environmental Scientist
    • Environmental Consultant
    • Wildlife or environmental photographer
    • Lecturer
    • Wildlife Film-maker
    • Environment Journalist
    • Director of Waste Management

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