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HUH Full Form | Full Form of HUH

HUH Full Form

 Heels Up Harris

Heels Up Harris

  • HUH is usually used as a slang word, with the meaning "I am Confused or Surprised" or "Do you Understand?". It also can mean "Heels Up Harris."
  • HUH is most frequently used to express surprise, disbelief, contempt or a scarcity of understanding.
  • When placed at the end of a sentence, HUH typically is a (usually rhetorical) question or is used to verify that what has been said has been understood.
  • In 2020, rapper Eladio Carrión had successful with a song entitled HUH, taken from the Sauce Boyz album.
  • "Heels Up Harris." In August 2020, HUH was adopted by some Republican voters as a derogatory nickname for Democratic Party vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris.
  • During this context, HUH means "Heels Up Harris" and probably refers to an affair that the then 29-year-old Harris had with San Francisco politician Willie Brown within the 1990s.

Examples of HUH in Sentences

  • Here's an example of HUH being used in conversation:
    • Claire : they say we now have the very best rate of the virus within the whole world.
    • Karen : HUH! you do not believe that do you? It's all fake news.
    • Claire : you have been watching those crazies on YouTube again, haven't you? HUH? (Here HUH expresses surprise and disbelief, also serving as a statement.)
    • Sam : they say Mike Pence getting to throw a sickie in order that he doesn't need to take part within the VP debate.
    • Jo : I hope he does. HUH will eat him for lunch (Here HUH means "Heels Up Harris.")

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