PVC Full Form | Full Form of PVC

PVC Full Form - Poly Vinyl Chloride

  • PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride.
  • It's an artificial plastic polymer which is produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride. Its formula is CH2=CHCL.
  • PVC may be a thermoplastic material. This kind of plastic melts on heating and solidifies on cooling.
  • It's used in the manufacturing of big selection of products like pipes, bottles, cables and raincoats.
 Poly Vinyl Chloride

Poly Vinyl Chloride

PVC Full Form - Permanent Virtual Circuit

 Permanent Virtual Circuit

Permanent Virtual Circuit

  • PVC stands for Permanent Virtual Circuit.
  • It's a logical communication path between two terminals in a frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode ( ATM ) based networks.
  • Unlike switched virtual circuit ( SVC ), PVC doesn't have to be reestablished whenever data is to be sent because it doesn't disappear after sending the data.
  • Once PVC is established, data path is maintained between terminals.

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