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QUIZ Full Form

 Kind of Game

Kind of Game

  • A quiz may be a kind of game or mind sport during which players plan to answer questions correctly.
  • It’s a game to test knowledge a few certain subject. In some countries, a quiz is additionally a quick assessment used in education and similar fields to live growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

World record

  • The largest quiz, according to Guinness, was the "Quiz for Life", and held at the Flanders Expo Halls in Ghent, Belgium, on 11 December 2010 with 2,280 participants.
  • The winning team Café De Kastaar from Leuven consisted of Marnix Baes, Erik Derycke, Eric Hemelaers, Bart Permentier and Tom Trogh.

In education

  • In an educational context, a quiz is typically a kind of a student assessment, but often has fewer questions of less difficulty and requires less time for completion than a test.
  • This use is usually found within the US, Canada, the Philippines, and a few colleges in India. As an example, during a mathematics classroom, a quiz may check comprehension of a kind of mathematical exercise.
  • Some instructors schedule a daily or weekly quiz starting from five to thirty relatively easy questions for the aim of getting the students review their previous lessons before attending the next class.
  • A "pop quiz" may be a quiz that students are given no time to prepare for; they're simply surprised with it in school.

Other quizzes

  • Additionally, a personality quiz could also be a series of multiple-choice questions about the respondent without right or wrong answers.
  • The responses to those questions are tallied according to a key, and therefore the result purports to reveal some quality of the respondent. This type of "quiz" was originally popularized by women's magazines like Cosmopolitan.
  • They need since become common on the internet, where the result page typically includes code which may be added to a blog entry to publicize the result. These postings are common on Live Journal.
  • There also are many online quizzes. Many webmasters have quiz sections on their websites and forums. As an example, phpBB2 has one MOD (modification) which allows users to submit quizzes, called the ultimate Quiz MOD.
  • The results of online quizzes are generally to be taken lightly, as they are doing rarely reflect the true personality or relationship. They’re also rarely psychometrically valid. However, they'll occasion reflection on the topic of the quiz and provide a springboard for a person to explore his or her emotions, beliefs, or actions.

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