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FAX Full Form - Facsimile

 Full Form of FAX

Full Form of FAX

  • FAX is that the short form of Facsimile. It's generally written and spoken as FAX.
  • It's a scanned copy of text and pictures printed on a paper, sent from one party to a different through a telephone line.
  • The device used to send documents electronically over a telephone network is named fax machine.


How it works

  • FAX machine may be a combination of scanner and printer exclusively.
  • Scanner first scans the page and converts into fixed graphic image then bitmap and transfers it through telephone line.
  • If an individual has got to send a document through fax copy, he inserts a paper into the Fax machine, the machine stores the copy of the document and converts into fixed graphic image and transfer it through a telephone line at the receiver end.


  • The fax technology was invented by Alexander Bain in 1842. He was the first one that became ready to transmit image/text through signals from telephone line. .
  • Later, Frederick Bakewell improved the Bain's invention and created the primary image telegraph almost like today's fax machine.
  • The fax technology was become outdated in 21th century when the newer technology named "email" comes into existence.

Why email is preferred over FAX

  • The quality of knowledge sent over internet is better than Fax.
  • Sending data over internet is cheaper than sending it over Fax.
  • No need of additional hardware for sending data over internet unlike Fax.
  • There is no got to be present a person while sending data.
  • It's automatically saved in email id and he's ready to use it whenever he needs.
  • It can transfer data faster and simply than FAX machine which saves some time and energy.
  • Fax machine may experience paper jam which may damage the first document.
  • You can send the data to multiple people in click by using the CC or BCC email fields.
  • You can provide additional information by attaching images, videos, files etc.

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