RADAR Full Form | Full Form of RADAR

RADAR Full Form - Radio Detection And Ranging

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 Radio Detection And Ranging

Radio Detection And Ranging

  • RADAR is an object-detection, electronic device that uses ultra-high frequency or microwave a part of the radio frequency spectrum to determine the position or range of an object.
  • It also can be used to detect the speed and direction of a moving object.
  • It had been secretly developed by many countries during the Second World War.
  • The term RADAR was given by the US of Navy inn1940.

Working of RADAR

  • RADAR sends an electromagnetic pulse, transmitted through the atmosphere. Objects which are called targets within the path of pulse will scatter most of the energy but some are going to be reflected back to the RADAR. Scattered radiation will go to the receiver.
  • If there are more targets then scattered signals combine to make a stronger signal. The value of range, position, direction, and altitude is measured by these scattered signals.

Usage of RADAR

  • In military, to determine the target position.
  • In aviation, warns aircraft about obstacles in their path.
  • Marine radars, to stop collision from other ships.
  • Meteorologists and in weather forecast, to determine the weather.
  • Geologists to determine the composition of earth's crust.
  • Used by the cops to determine the vehicle speed.

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