SVC Full Form | Full Form of SVC

SVC Full Form - Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank Ltd

 Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank

Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank

  • The full form of SVC is Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank Ltd. SVC Bank was founded in India in 1906 and registered as a Co-operative Credit Society on 27 December 1906. The Bank operates in Ten Indian States.
    • Maharashtra
    • Karnataka
    • Tamil Nadu
    • Telangana
    • Rajasthan
    • Harayana
    • Goa
    • Gujarat
    • Delhi
    • Madhya Pradesh.

History of SVC bank

  • When cooperation was just beginning to gain ground within the nation, SVC Co-operative Bank Limited was established.
  • It was founded with the main goal of supporting the less privileged people within the community in their economic ventures, encouraging savings and developing funds to provide deserving citizens with financial assistance.
  • The main developer of the Bank was Late Rao Bahadur Shripad Subbarao Talmaki, the Maharshi of Cooperation, who called it after Late Shamrao Vithal Kaikini, who has been his primary controlling hand and Mentor.
  • The Bank was initially registered on 27 December 1906 as a Cooperative Credit Society.
  • Thus, the Bank began to appear with a small beginning, motivated by high objectives for the development of the Society’s economic, material & moral quality of life-being.

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