ESIC Full Form | What is the Full Form of ESIC

ESIC Full Form - Employees State Insurance Corporation

  • ESIC stands for Employees State Insurance Corporation. It's a state-run organization established under the 1948 Employee State Insurance Act and is liable for the administration of the ESI Scheme.
  • The organization aims to supply Social Security to the labours and employees who earn below Rs. 25000 in India, including their relations.
  • It was established to offer an all-inclusive insurance system that might help the workers during emergencies like sickness, disability, accident, maternity, or death.
  • The headquarters of ESIC is in New Delhi. It's 23 regional offices, 26 sub-regional offices within the states and over 800 local offices across the country to support the implementation of the ESI scheme.
 Full Form of ESIC

Full Form of ESIC

  • The ESIC administers the ESI (Employee State Insurance) scheme.
  • The advantages given by the ESI scheme are in line with the conventions of the International Labour Organization.
  • The cash required for this scheme is drawn from the employers and therefore the workers. So, it's a self-financed comprehensive Social security scheme devised to guard the workers covered under the scheme against financial needs during sickness and treatment

Structure of ESIC

  • The director-general of ESIC is appointed by the central government. The chief powers within the corporation are vested in a committee formed of the members of the ESIC.
  • There's also a Medical Benefit Council that advises the ESIC on matters associated with medical benefit. The medical benefits are prescribed by the govt after consulting the Corporation.
  • All the beneficiaries are entitled to plain medical and surgical treatments.

Benefits of ESI Scheme

  • Medical Benefit
  • Sickness Benefit
  • Disability Benefit
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Benefits to Dependents
  • Funeral Expenses
 ESI Scheme

ESI Scheme

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