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SMH Full Form - Shake My Head

 Shake My Head

Shake My Head

  • SMH stands for Shake My Head. It’s a preferred online acronym.
  • It’s mostly used by teens and young adults in their social media posts or text messages to specific the human body language of shaking head in disappointment, distress, disagreement, disbelief etc.
  • It's used in response to someone's unexpected behavior, an unpleasant event that happened, or the disagreeable state of a situation.

Example of using SMH

  • Suppose, a Twitter user tweeted to inform how their favorite cricket team just lost the game.He or She could add "smh" at the end of the tweet to further express the disappointment:

"The White Eagles should have won that game! they'd it when their captain made that shot!! Smh."

  • Let us to say your teenage daughter replied with a simple "smh" message after you messaged her to say that she isn't allowed to take the car to go for a long drive along with her friends. She is very disappointed:
    • Father : "I need the car this Sunday, so you'll need to find in a different way to go for a long drive."
    • Daughter : "SMH"
  • There is no fixed rule in any respect four using this acronym. You’ll type it in both uppercase and lowercase letters, with or without a phrase. Just remember that it's used to emphasize an intense, emotional reaction that words alone can't express. Furthermore, it's a lot easier and faster than typing, "I am shaking my head in disappointment," or something similar.
  • Thus, it helps people save time while also adding an additional emotional response, which may be difficult to express with words alone.

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