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AD Full Form - Anno Domini

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 Anno Domini

Anno Domini

  • AD stands for Anno Domini. It's a Medieval Latin term. It means "in the year of our lord". This term is used to represent the year after the Christians God Jesus. Sometimes AD is additionally spelled as After Death which is completely wrong. Actually, this is often a misconception because AD and BC both are used to represent years count individually, and BC stands for Before Christ. Numerous people misunderstand this term.


  • AD was discovered by a Monk named Dionysius Exiguus. It had replaced the Diocletian era that had been used in old Easter table.
  • Dionysius Exiguus created this term to work out the right date for Easter as directed by the Pope St. John I.
  • Before this method, the other methods which were used to find the date for Easter led to the confusion, e.g. A 532 year calendar cycle that originated in Alexandra era.


  • The main purpose of BC/AD is to make a dating system which may make the birth of Jesus the dividing point of the world history.
  • It's believed that Jesus wasn't born in 1 AD, it had been around 6-4 BC when he was born.
  • According to this dating system, 500 BC means 500 years before Jesus was born. And, 2000 AD means around 2000 years after Jesus was born.


  • The Julian and Gregorian calendar uses AD and BC as a designation to label number of years.
  • AD is used to specify the beginning of the Epoch and BC specifies before the beginning of the Epoch.
  • In recent times, the term BC and AD are replaced by B.C.E and C.E where B.C.E means "Before Common Era" and CE is used to denote "Common Era"

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