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IMAO Full Form - In My Arrogant Opinion

 In My Arrogant Opinion

In My Arrogant Opinion

  • IMAO stands for In My Arrogant Opinion.
  • It's an online slang almost like LOL (Laugh Out Loud), ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing), etc., which is used as an acronym by people during online chatting with others and in email or text messages.
  • It takes less time to type a few characters than a phrase, so it's frequently used among online users and thus gaining popularity in various platforms SMS, emails, messengers, and similar chatting channels.
  • The expansion clearly suggests the slang is used during a rather unfriendly, rude context. So, the use of IMAO is to be restricted to the informal, day-to-day conversation and not suitable to use in formal settings.

Some of the samples of using IMAO

Example 1

  • Mark : Which shirt does one like? This one or this one
  • Peter : IMAO, wear whichever you would like. We are late already.

Example 2

  • Sam : The restaurant isn't making profits for the last two years.
  • Mike : IMAO, sell this restaurant and buy an apartment and rent it for the cash.

Where IMAO Originated From ?

  • IMAO is a harsh word which replaces IMHO.
  • IMHO means (In My Humble Opinion) which was in requesting form however IMAO is more of a commanding word where it specifically says ‘Arrogant’.
  • IMAO was originated in a discussion with the jam band ‘The Grateful Dead’ within the year 1989. When asked in additional than 30,000 messages, what does IMAO represent , Mr. Wallace replied within the post with the acronym stating that it stands for ‘In My Arrogant opinion’.
  • IMAO meaning, IMAO abbreviation gradually started getting popular in 1989 and began stepping into debate and arguments.
  • It started getting considered as being homophobic.
  • By the year 1993, IMAO got recognized and spread widely in Usenet groups to be used in hot discussions.

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