SENSEX Full Form | Full Form of SENSEX

SENSEX Full Form - Stock Exchange Sensitive Index

 Stock Exchange Sensitive Index

Stock Exchange Sensitive Index

  • SENSEX stands for Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. It’s the oldest Stock Exchange in India which is additionally called BSE-30.
  • It’s a free floating stock market index which uses free floating market capitalisation method to reflect the position of companies within the stock market.
  • It doesn't consider the outstanding stock of a company. Its calculation relies on the entire number of tradable shares of a company at the time of calculation.
  • SUNSEX was introduced on January 1, 1986, by Bombay stock exchange. There are thousands of companies listed on BSE but to calculate SUNSEX only thirty companies are considered;
  • The businesses which are well-established, economically strong and involved in major business sectors. So, basically, SUNSEX consists of the stocks of thirty companies.
  • SUNSEX touched the four-digit figure on 25 July 1990 and the five-digit figure on 7 February 2006, for the first time. On 4 March 2015, it crossed the 30,000 points mark.

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