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API Full Form - Application Programming Interface

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 Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface

  • API stands for Application Program Interface. A programmer writing an application program can make an invitation to the OS using API (using graphical interface or command interface).
  • It's a collection of routines, protocols and tools for building software and applications.
  • It's going to be any kind of system type of a web-based system, operating-system or a database System.


  Application Programming Interface Usage

Application Programming Interface Usage

  • API in Procedural languages
    • It specifies a collection of Functions and Routines that helps in completing a task.
  • API in object-oriented languages
    • It simply shows how an Objet work in a given Object-Oriented language. It's expressed as a group of classes with an associated list of class Methods.
  • API in libraries and Frameworks
    • It is associated with Software libraries and Software Framework.
  • API and Protocols
    • It are often implementation of Protocols.
  • API sharing and reuse via virtual machine
    • Languages running on virtual machines can share an API.

API Designs

  • Several principles are used in designing of API's. One method is that the concept of information hiding.
  • It works on the principle that a software are often divided into modules, each of which features a specified interface.
  • Another is software architecture which is used to make and maintain high-level software structures.

Various sorts of APIs

Operating systems, apps or websites have several various kinds of APIs. For eg, Windows has several API collections that are utilized by the device hardware and software, that's when a private copies and pastes text from one app to a different, it’s the API that allows it to function. The most four types of APIs are

  Application Programming Interface Sorts

Application Programming Interface Sorts

  • Public or open APIs
    • Such APIs are freely available and accessible to the general public and it's not limited.
  • Partner APIs
    • These APIs aren't publicly available. Therefore you would like extra privileges or permits to use them.
  • Private or Internal APIs
    • These APIs are usually intended to be used within the corporate and may only be accessed via internal operations. A corporation can use this form of API to develop its services and products throughout various internal units.
  • Composite APIs
    • These APIs merge various Data and service APIs. It's a series of tasks that operate as a results of implementation synchronously and not on a task request. The first purpose of this kind of API is to accelerate the execution cycle and enhance user functionality on the net application.

Examples of APIs

Benefits of APIs

  • APIs are of excellent usages since they will insert requirements to the device without composing the complete code themselves.
  • APIs are often prosecuted to access applications data.
  • APIs are valuable for device configuration and enhancement.
  • These maintain a high speed of application functionality.

Limitations of APIs

  • As a gateway, getting hacked is most susceptible.
  • If it's been hacked, other device apps are immediately vulnerable to attack.
  • The system may crash while testing an API
  • An API is complicated to manage.

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