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IVF Full Form - In Vitro Fertilization

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 IN Vitro Fertilization

IN Vitro Fertilization

  • IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization.
  • It's an assisted reproductive technique (ART) used to treat infertility or genetic problems.
  • It helps infertile couples conceive a child.
  • This system involves the fertilization of egg with sperm outside the body during a laboratory dish. Because the fertilization takes place outside the body so it's called in vitro fertilization.
  • After fertilization, the embryo is transferred to the uterus of female.

The IVF comprises four basic steps which are as follows:

Egg production/stimulation

  • During this step, fertility medications are used to stimulate the egg production within the human body.
  • The multiple eggs are desired as some eggs might not develop or fertilize after retrieval.

Egg retrieval

  • This step involves a minor surgical procedure to retrieve eggs.
  • An ultrasound imaging guided hollow needle is skilled pelvic cavity to get rid of ovarian follicles from ovary. Then the follicular fluids are scanned so as to extract the available eggs.


  • In this step, the eggs are fertilized with the male’s sperm within the laboratory.
  • The eggs are monitored to make sure that fertilization and cell division are happening.
  • The embryos are left for two to six days to culture before transferring to the uterus.

Embryo Transfer

  • During this step, a 4-5 day old embryo is placed within the uterus of female using a slender, tiny catheter or tube.
  • The implantation usually occurs around six to 10 day following egg retrieval. After around 9 to 12 days, the female is tested to make sure that embryo is implanted safely.

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