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KRA Full Form - Key Result Area / Key Responsibility Area

 Key Result Area

Key Result Area

  • Key Result Area defines the main job responsibility of an individual, company or organization. It refers to specific areas of outcomes that an employee is responsible.
  • KRA is decided by the company or organization to judge the individual's quantitative and qualitative analysis ability for a particular job assigned to him.
  • This data is used as an appraisal tool as it shows the general performance of that entity.
  • A particular goal must be set to improve the efficiency of the organization.
  • Identifying KRAs helps employees in a number of ways, some of which are as follows:
    • It clarifies the roles and responsibilities
    • It helps align roles to the strategies of the organization
    • It helps employees focus on results rather than activities
    • It helps set goals and objectives and to prioritize their activities
    • It helps make value-added decisions
    • It assists in determining an individual precisely if the result has been achieved and how much in a satisfactory way.
    • It is an area that is absolutely under an individual's control.
    • It can contribute noteworthy value to any business and profession.
    • It is a significant output that then seems to be an input to the following key result area, or the following person.
  • The KRA covers around 80% of the work role of an individual or employee. Some of the key result areas are listed below:
    • Human Resource Management and Development
    • Administration Cell
    • Financial Management
    • Information and Communication technology
    • Research and Development Department
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Manufacturing
 Key Result Areas

Key Result Areas

Functions or KRA of HR

  • Schedule and conduct interview to recruit employees.
  • Provide training for employees.
  • Appraise employees and supply them good growth.
  • Process leaves applications of the employee.

Method of writing KRAs

  • As these are focused on job descriptions, go thoroughly via the employee’s JD. If need talk with the manager as well as with the employee.
  • Figure out exactly what the individual would do and how they would contribute to the betterment of the company.
  • Remember all observable essential tasks to fulfill on the work. Which include stuff expressed in percentages, numbers etc.
  • Make objectives focused on these expectations, and write explanations of each task as self-explanatory.
  • Ensure that observable and reasonable objectives and timescales are set when describing such goals.

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