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BA Full Form - Bachelor of Arts

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 Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

  • BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. It’s a Bachelor degree program that refers to an undergraduate course of study. The course is chosen by the scholars who wish to pursue arts after passing the high school.
  • The duration of this undergraduate course is typically three years which can vary on the idea of features and components of the field of study.
  • The course is available in almost every country within the world like India, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, the UK, the US, etc.
  • In India, its duration is three year, but in some countries like Canada, Bangladesh and Japan, it's a four-year course.

BA Subjects

  • In this course out of variety of subjects, a BA student is required to choose only five subjects for the course. BA subjects usually include English, math, sociology, geography, education, economics, history, philosophy, home science and social work.

Career Options

  • BA graduates have the opportunity to choose subjects from a wide range of subjects offered in this course. It enables the students to pursue multiple career options.
  • They will get employment in both private and public sectors. Within the private sector, they will add BPOs, public relations firms, consultancies, journalism, etc. In the public sector, they will work in railways, banks, PSUs, army, etc.

Popular BA Courses in India

  • Bachelor Of Arts In Philosophy
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Political Science
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Physical Education
  • Bachelor Of Arts In History
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Geography
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Economics
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Social Science
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Sociology
  • BAchelor of Arts in Yoga
  • BAchelor of Arts in Public Administration

Popular BA Colleges in India

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