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i.e. Full Form - id est

  Id EST


  • The full form of, i.e. is id EST. It's a Latin word sense that's or in other words. It's used to specify an idea which has already been described.
  • To convey a thought quite explicitly, it gives more information. It's distinct from, e.g., that's wont to provide an example.
  • It is wont to help describe something or as a good more clarification about something. The whole sentence is broken into two sections.
  • The first section says something, also as part two (following, i.e.) Further describes or elaborates. The use of, i.e. during a statement makes it clear.


  • It occurred in June, i.e., five months ago.
  • It is a residential yoga instructor training course, i.e. Accommodation & meal included.
  • The price comprises all taxes, i.e. you don’t need to pay extra.

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