CMS Full Form in Medical | What is the Full Form of CMS

CMS Full Form - Content Management System

 Content Management System

Content Management System

  • CMS stands for Content Management System.
  • CMS is computer software used to edit, create, modify and publish digital content. Earlier, CMS software was used to manage computer documents and file, but now it's designed to help in managing the content of the online pages.
  • It provides a standard user interface which subsequently allows multiple users to publish updates live on the online.
  • In simple words, it's a tool that helps you create a website although you do not know how to code from scratch.
  • CMS is generally used for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM).
 Open Source Content Management System

Open Source Content Management System

CMS has two major components:

  • CMA stands for Content Management Application. It's the front-end user interface editing component, allowing users (who doesn't need to be a webmaster) to edit, modify, add or remove content from a web page.
  • CDA stands for Content Delivery Application. It's the publishing tool, which updates the information on the website.


  • Helps to make an website faster.
  • Gives a full template support, without changing any content.
  • Is easy to use and manage.
  • Gives SEO friendly urls.
  • Admin panel with multiple language support.
  • Needs less server requirement.
  • Integrated file managers and audit logs.
  • Speedy updating and SEO-friendly.
  • Revision feature helps update and edit content after initial publication.

Some web-based CMS Tools

CMS Full Form - Central Monitoring System

Central Monitoring System

Central Monitoring System

  • CMS stands for Central Monitoring System.
  • It had been launched in India in 2011 to monitor all the communications and storing them centrally.
  • It allows the government to record the personal information like phone calls, emails, texts, social media activity etc.
  • The security agencies also use this system to lawfully intercept phone calls without taking the help from service providers.

CMS - Conversational Monitor System (originally: "Cambridge Monitor System")

Conversational Monitor System

Conversational Monitor System

  • Conversational Monitor System may be a simple interactive single-user operating system that allows each of many simultaneous interactive users to appear to have a whole mainframe computer at their personal disposal.

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