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CID Full Form - Crime Investigation Department



  • CID stands for Crime Investigation Department. It's an investigation and intelligence wing of the Indian State Police.
  • It's one of the foremost important units of the police organization and is headed by the extra Director General of Police (ADGP).
  • It's headquartered in Pune and investigates specified cases entrusted by the government. Of India and DGP (Director General of Police).
  • It had been formed by British government in 1902 to maintain law and order within the country, on the recommendation of Police Commission.
  • The department has their own ranks of officers who usually work in plain clothes. These officers are referred to as Detectives or CID officers.
  • In 1929, this department was split into Special Branch, CID and Crime Branch CID (CB-CID).

The CID has several branches like

  • CB-CID
  • Anti-Narcotics Cell
  • Anti-Terrorism Wing
  • Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing Person cell
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Bank Frauds
  • Dog Squad
  • Human Rights Department
 CID Branches

CID Branches

The officers' ranks in CID are

  • Sub- Inspectors
  • Inspectors
  • Superintendents
  • Additional Director General of Police
  • Inspector General of Police (IGP), etc.
 Officer's Ranks in CID

Officer's Ranks in CID

The CID officers usually use a word "detective" before their rank.

What does CID do

  • The main task of CID is to investigate criminal cases like rape, murder, theft, robbery etc.
  • It gathers facts, evidence for criminal cases and frauds and catches criminals and eventually presents the accused with evidence within the Court.
  • These investigations can span multiple cities, and states depending on the level of the crime.
  • The CID team also takes the help of local police to investigate the cases.

Eligibility Criteria to become a CID Officer

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India and therefore the minimum qualification required for a candidate to join CID as a Sub Inspector or an officer may be a graduation from a recognized university. However, to join CID as a constable, the minimum qualification required is 12th or Higher Secondary Certificate.
  • Aside from qualification isn't enough to become a CID officer, one must clear the Indian Civil Services examination which is held per annum by the Union Public Service Commission.
  • There are many universities in India that provide courses in criminology at graduation level. These courses may assist you join the CID.
  • There are various designations or posts in CBI.
  • Furthermore, the candidate should have a superb memory, sharp eyes, good judgment of character, ability to work during a team also as alone. These are the essential requirements of this job.

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