CVV Full Form in Debit Card | Full Form of CVV

CVV Full Form - Card Verification Value

 Card Verification Value

Card Verification Value

  • The full form CVV is Card Verification Value. It's a security feature offered on credit, debit & ATM cards by financial institutions.
  • It's a three-digit number or a set of three digits number on the correct side of the signature strip printed on the rear of your credit or debit cards.
  • Its goal is to create the identification of the owner and minimize the likelihood of cheating during internet banking.
  • CVV is also called CVC (card verification code) or CSC (card security code).There's typically a four-digit number on the front of the card on American Express (AMEX) cards.
    • CVV isn't embossed unlike with the credit card number and just not printed on any invoices since nobody except the cardholder understands it.
    • A credit card firm may have its CVV code name, for example,VISA terms this code CVV2, MasterCard labels it CVC2, and it's marked CID by American Express.
    • CVV number ID is distinct from the private identification number (PIN).
    • If someone asked to enter your CVV number, never fill your PIN.
    • You utilize your Pin code during which you'll express your card, including when buying stuff at malls or paying the bills at hotels.
    • CVV number is provided even after you order online or find yourself making online transactions as here and you'll not show your card.


  • A card verification value is of giant importance in today’s world, where most shoppers like better to buy everything online. This can be why most businesses are selling their products online to cater to more and more customers and suits today’s requirements.
  • Not only shopping, but people also tend to pay their bills like MasterCard bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, mobile recharge, insurance bills, etc. Online. This saves them tons of your time and from harassment since the users with Digitalization pays their dues, bills, or even go shopping anytime which too anywhere without having to travel out and exchange long queues and await their turn.
  • But with growing Digitalization and online transactions, the scope for fraud has also risen. With the increase in frauds, the safety mechanism in executing online transactions has also been constantly enhanced to safeguard the users from robbed. Debit and credit cards accompany a CVV, which acts as another security feature in initiating online transactions.
  • Online portals cannot save this vital information of the cardholders, and thus, the users will need to provide the CVV for initiating the transactions online manually. Online portals can save other cardholders’ details but won't have access to the CVV provided within the previous transaction.
  • This safeguards the cardholders from potential frauds and secures their online transactions. A CVV code prevents and eliminates fraud and protects the cardholders from data breaching.

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