DCB Full Form | Full Form of DCB Bank

DCB Full Form - Development Credit Bank

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 Development Credit Bank

Development Credit Bank

  • DCB stands for Development Credit Bank.
  • DCB Bank Limited was formerly called the development Credit Bank.
  • It's an emerging new generation private sector bank with a network of 334 branches across 19 states and three union territories in India.
  • DCB Bank Limited is headquartered in Maharashtra, India.
  • As of October 2019, Mr. Nasser Munjee is that the Chairman, and Mr. Murali M. Natrajan is MD and Chief executive officer ( CEO ) of DCB Bank Limited.
  • It is an organized commercial bank that's managed and governed professionally and is regulated by the reserve bank of India.
  • Its modern technology and infrastructure and state of the art internet banking for its customers.
  • DCB Bank's business segment customers include Retail, micro-SME, SME, mid-Corporate, Agriculture, Government, Public Sector, Co-operative Banks, and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC). Today, it's around 6 lakh customers.

Quick Facts about DCB Bank

  • Some quick facts of Development Credit Bank as on 30th September 2019
    • The bank had 334 branches.
    • Net Advances grew to INR 24,798 Cr from INR 22,069 Cr. At rate of growth of 12%.
    • The Bank grew Deposits by 12% to INR 29,363 Cr.
    • Net NPA ratio remained at 0.96% as compared to 0.70% as on September 30, 2018.

Vision of DCB Bank

  • To be the most innovative and responsive neighborhood bank in India, serving entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses.

Services of DCB Bank

  • Charge cards
  • Fixed deposits
  • Savings accounts
  • Mortgage
  • Gold
  • Credit card
  • Present account
  • Private loan
 Services of Dcb Bank

Services of Dcb Bank


  • Respect : Treat Everyone with Dignity
  • Ethical : Do what's Right
  • Fair : Be Open & Transparent
  • Dynamic : Sense of Urgency, Passion & Energy
  • Stretch : Find Solutions
  • Teamwork : Work as a team to win
  • Contribute : Support the society through CSR

The bank offers various banking and financial services which include credit cards, bank account , accounting , fixed deposits, home loan, open-end credit , car loan, gold loan, consumer loan , and more.

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