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TNT Full Form - Trinitrotoluene

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  • The full form of TNT is Trinitrotoluene.
  • TNT may be a yellow solid that's often seen as a reagent within the chemical synthesis process but is usually known for being an explosive substance with smooth handling characteristics.
  • TNT is an efficient explosive because it can turn from solid to hot expanding gases quite rapidly. 2 Moles of solid TNT transform nearly into 15 moles of hot gas, including little carbon Powder that brings the explosion characteristics.

Properties of TNT

  • The important properties of TNT are listed below.
Chemical formula C6H2(NO2)3CH3
TNT also called as 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, 2,4,6-Trinitromethylbenzene, 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluol.
Molar mass 227.132 gmol−1
Appearance Solid has a pale yellow colour
Melting and boiling point 80.35 °C or 240.0 °C

History of TNT

  • TNT was first invented in 1863 by Julius Wilbrand, a German chemist. It had been first used for several years as a yellow dye.
  • Another German chemist, Carl Haussermann, identified its explosive function in 1891.
  • In 1902, it had been introduced by the German Army as a filling for artillery shells.
  • The British Army used lyddite-filed shells, and it substituted lyddite with TNT later in 1907.

Synthesizing method of TNT

The synthesizing of TNT within the industry follows three steps.

  • 1st step :
    • Formation of MNT (mono nitro toluene) by nitration process within the presence of nitric and vitriol.
  • 2nd step :
    • Separation of DNT and again nitration process to produce DNT (di nitro toluene).
  • 3rd step :
    • Formation of TNT from DNT by nitration process within the presence of oleum and anhydrous nitric acid.

Use of TNT

  • TNT is usually used for explosive purposes in industry & military sector.
  • It is a chemical explosive suitable for demolitions.
  • TNT also can be used to generate charge transfer salt.

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