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PPT Full Form - PowerPoint Presentation

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 PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

  • The full form of PPT is PowerPoint Presentation.
  • PowerPoint presentation is defined as presentations that are generally used in corporate meetings for educational purposes like training, induction, etc. And are even used by students for creating their high school/ college projects and assignments and these are prepared by sourcing and mixing individual slides together into one with the assistance of MS PowerPoint Software.

Features of PPT

  • The features of PPT are enlisted as follows:

Customizable Slides

  • One among the simplest features of a PowerPoint presentation is that it comes with customizable slides.
  • It's template that with color schemes that is preset but also can be customized by the users who are willing to return up with their personal themes. The users can even add sounds, animations, pre-recorded narrations, etc.
  • To their slides to instill the engaging think about the same and cater to the targeted audiences.


  • PowerPoint presentations are now mobile friendly too. Earlier PPTs were only meant for computers and laptops, but with the given digitalization and growing number of Smartphone users, they're now various apps for Windows, IOS, and android also as tablet users, which makes PPTs accessible on smart phones too.
  • This suggests the users can use PPTs as and wherever they need without having the necessity to access a desktop or a laptop for this very purpose. The software is now portable and equally functional at an equivalent time, which enables the presenters to make PPTs and rehearse, taking them into use before addressing ahead of the targeted audiences.

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Focused Presentation

  • Another best feature of a PowerPoint presentation is that it enables focused presentation where the users can put forth the ideas and perspective ahead of the targeted audience with many ease and confidence.
  • The projector displays the PPT on the large screen while the presenter can review his or her notes and therefore the next slides on his or her laptop.

Highlights Important Points

  • Presenters, with the help of a PPT, can emphasize details while they're representing the audience.
  • The presenters can emphasize details by making use of the zoom feature of the application where they will zoom out and focus on segments as and wherever required and make their presentations more interesting and interesting for the targeted audiences.

Shared Projects

  • Users can save their PPTs on their one drive account, helping them make them accessible to other users.
  • Presenters can even share their PPTs through the cloud, where they will share the links of an equivalent with their colleagues.

Uses of PPT

  • The uses of PPT are provided and discussed in details as follows

Making Tutorials

  • PPTs are widely used worldwide to coach and educate students, employees, and trainees.
  • PPTs are often used for the aim of preparing tutorials and worksheets. These tutorials can even be printed and provided to students for future reference.

Digital Portfolios

  • PPTs can help artists create a professional digital portfolio where they will use individual slides that include graphics and pictures to showcase their work.
  • The digital portfolio also will enable the artists to share an equivalent via email with their clients, ultimately saving their time and traveling harassment.

Slide Show of Photos

  • Users can even use the PPTs for a slide show of photos where they will choose the photos they need and easily club them together and make a digital album and use the same for purposes like self-promotion.

Creating Animation

  • Users can even create animations with the help of PPTs and may make it more unique by adding the sound, music, and effects of their choice too.

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