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PDF Full Form - Portable Document Format

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 Portable Document Format

Portable Document Format

  • PDF is a file format used to present documents in a special manner.
  • It's independent of application software, hardware and operating system (also called machine independent).
  • PDF was developed within the early 1990's to look at document as an electronic image. It had been developed and controlled by Adobe Systems.

Benefits for using PDF

 Benefits for using PDF

Benefits for using PDF

  • Provides true mobility and portability :
    • PDF facilitates mobility and portability. You'll read a PDF file anywhere just by the utilization of free tools like Adobe acrobat reader .
  • Preserves all visual elements :
    • If you create any visual effect in your document and need to convert your document in PDF then all of your texts, graphics and pictures which you created in your document (for example: ms word ) are often converted easily.
  • Highly Securable :
    • PDF provides a simple and secure approach for data transmission and sharing through emails. You'll also customize the extent of user access.
  • Supports Interactive Functions :
    • PDF also can integrate interactive forms which may perform importing and exporting of knowledge as requested.
  • Allow File Compression :
    • You'll compress your data file with no loss in quality. It can make data sharing faster.

Why is PDF so popular ?

  • From what started as a side project, the PDF format has become an industry standard project all over the world within the past few decades.
  • Many these files are uploaded, passed around, and are stored a day.
  • These are several reasons which will contribute to its extreme popularity, for both leisure and professional use.


  • Its portability means the file format are often opened on almost any device, no matter your operating system.
  • Even without a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader), the format are often viewed on almost any internet browser.
  • There is no cost to hide software which will open this file format. As such, PDFs files are comp also cans compatible with mobile devices, which make work on the go simple - which contributes to its popularity within the digital age.


  • PDF documents also are quite light in size, which also supports its usage for file transfer, because it cuts down on space for storing and upload time.
  • Microsoft Office formats, like Word, PPT, and Excel, also can be saved as a PDF format, in its original formatting during a matter of seconds.
  • On top of that, the PDF format was standardized as an open format ten years back, following ISO 32000, and not requires individuals/organizations to pay royalties to implement.
  • The accessibility of the file format has skyrocketed it to become one among, if not - the most common file type within the last 20 years.
  • Believe it: How often does one receive a PDF from another party at work? Or hear the phrase ‘Please send it over in PDF’.

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