JSON Full Form | What is the Full Form Of JSON

JSON Full Form - JavaScript Object Notation

 Java Script Object Notation

Java Script Object Notation

  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It's a text-based data exchange format for structuring data.
  • It's mainly wont to exchange data between a and web application. It's an alternate to XML for organizing data.
  • It supports data structures like array and objects and therefore the JSON documents are rapidly executed on the server.
  • JSON is originated from JavaScript. It's based on the object notation of the JavaScript Language.
  • The essential elements of JSON notation are as follows:
    • Objects
    • Object Members
    • Arrays
    • Values
    • Strings


  • JSON is independent of language, so it are often combined with many languages like C++ , PHP , Perl , Ruby , and Python.
  • It's basically a knowledge format, so it's not limited to Ajax-style web applications and may be used whenever an web application must exchange or store information as text.

Features of JSON

  • Human-readable
  • Platform-independent
  • Simple and self-describing
  • Extensibility and Interoperability
  • Wide availability of implementations
  • Ideal data exchange format for Ajax-style web applications

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