BCE Full Form | Full Form of BCE

BCE Full Form - Before Common Era

  • BCE stands for Before Common Era. It's used an equivalent way as the traditional abbreviation BC (Before Christ) and also has an equivalent meaning "previous to year 1 CE (Common Era).
  • BCE may be a recent term that's used in place of BC, e.g., 200 BC, and 200 BCE has an equivalent meaning.
 Before Common Era

Before Common Era

  • Today, most of the countries and academic institutes have officially replaced the traditional abbreviations AD /BC with CE/BCE. For ex, Wales and England introduced the CE/BCE system into their official school curriculum in 2002.
  • Australia followed it in 2011. Also, within the US, most of the history tests and textbooks use CE/BCE.
  • A year written without letters (CE or BCE) is taken into account a Common Era, ranging from year 1.
  • CE or BCE should be used if there are chances of misunderstanding, e.g., in texts where years both before and after year 1 are mentioned.
  • For ex, the traditional city was founded around 200-300 BCE but was destroyed in 80 CE due to volcanic eruptions, floods, and earthquake.

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