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DIET Full Form - District Institute for Education and Training

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 District Institute for Education and Training

District Institute for Education and Training

  • The Full form of DIET is the District Institute for Education and Training.
  • DIET is a corporation that imparts education to each district level to candidates and it's established through the Indian Government.
  • Approximately 3 million primary and first teachers require recurrent orientation to innovations in learning and teaching at the school level.
  • DIET is extremely important for those students do B.Ed , MBA , M.Ed in any university.
  • These students need to read about the DIET because it is asked within the exam in any form.

What is DIET ?

  • In the national policy on education 1986 its program implementation was envisaged that district-level Education and Training Institute should be established in every district of the country for development and first level education and compulsory primary education hence it had been established in 1988.
  • State council of DIET state level and education research and training scert and National Council of educational and Research training NCERT for academic Research and Idea at the national level

Main functions of DIET

  • The first task of the DIET is to extend the main education in order that the students get an opportunity to finish further studies of the students who have left their education or those that are too old.
  • Identify the local problem and wish for primary education through the survey to develop the standard of learning in school providing training for the pre-service teachers.

Training of teachers to D.Ed

  • Conducting function Research and impart training to the teacher for practice research.
  • Working department of DIET
  • Pre teacher training department
  • Serving program district reference unit
  • Organizing and managing educational technology
  • Work experience
  • The course of evaluation division

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