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LINUX Full Form - Lovable Intellect Not Using XP

 Lovable Intellect Not Using XP

Lovable Intellect Not Using XP

  • The full form of LINUX is Lovable Intellect Not Using XP. Linux was built by and named after LINUS Torvalds.
  • Linux is an open-source OS for servers, computers, mainframes, mobile systems, and embedded systems. Requests from device software are handled by Linux and relayed to hardware.
  • Linux is scalable, stable, and safe and serves wide users within the community. For almost any imaginable file type, Linux is compatible and, therefore, can operate on a broad range of devices.
  • Linux may be a multiprogramming OS that ensures that multiple users with different access rights could use an equivalent tool and lots of applications can run on that simultaneously.

Features of LINUX

  • Few characteristics of LINUX are listed below.
    • Linux can operate various types of hardware, so Linux is transportable.
    • Linux is open-source, so it's open to use and developers can also attempt to improve the Linux operating system’s features.
    • It’s a multi-use OS in order that multiple people may use the model.
    • Linux is secured, because it offers secure passwords and encoding.
    • Linux is multi-programming, as multiple programmes are run simultaneously.

Benefits of LINUX

  • An extensive range of file formats is compatible with Linux.
  • Linux is cost-free, so it's conveniently downloadable and uses by people.
  • Every day it's changing as people can make improvements to the Linux system.
  • Since they're relatively safe, the Linux system hardly crashes.
  • Linux might not gather any user information, so privacy information is guaranteed.

Limitations of LINUX

  • Linux doesn't support some hardware drivers that are an obstacle of Linux.
  • Linux’s command-line design is rigid for brand new learners to use.
  • For the Linux OS, specific graphics software isn't available.
  • There are no regular versions of Linux that creates it hard for users to pick the right edition for their requirements.

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