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DTP Full Form - Desk-Top Publishing

 Desk Top Publishing

Desk Top Publishing

  • DTP stands for Desktop Publishing.
  • Its publishing software used to create top quality printed material for people, businesses and organizations.
  • The DTP software provides an good control over design and layout of a page as compared to the word processor.


  • DTP are often two types:
    • Creates electronic pages
    • Creates virtual pages
  • The virtual pages are printed on physical papers like magazines, books, news paper etc.


  • Desktop publishing (DTP) is employed to publish magazines, books, newspapers, comics etc.


  • You can enhance the looks of page layouts by balancing the contrast, color and space.
  • You customize your document consistent with your business and audience.
  • You can outsource DTP services if you don’t want to shop for DTP equipment.

Popular publication softwares

DTP Full Form - Distributed Transaction Processing

  • Distributed Transaction Processing may be a technique used to distribute the functions of a transaction over several transaction programs within a network.
  • During this database transaction protocol, two or more network hosts are involved.
 Distributed Transaction Processing

Distributed Transaction Processing


  • Two transactions can exclusively control a session and converse with one another.
  • You can remotely process remote resources and transfer data between systems.
  • You can design efficient and versatile application by using DTP.
  • It is used with EXEC CICS or CPI Communications.
  • It is used with various partners including CICS and non-CICS platforms, if they support APPC.
  • Distributed Transaction must have all four ACID properties. These properties are:
    • Atomicity
    • Consistency
    • Isolation
    • Durability

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