LMFAO Full Form | Full Form of LMFAO

LMFAO Full Form - Laughing My Fucking Ass Off

  • LMFAO stands for Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.
  • It's internet slang, generally used by Youngsters over internet chatting, messaging, chit chat conversation etc.
  • This term is used to represent something really -really funny (extremely funny).
  • There also are some substitutes used for the funny condition like LOL , LMAO etc. But this is often used for a particularly funny condition.
 Laughing my Fucking Ass Off

Laughing my Fucking Ass Off

For example

  • Let's take an example: Two friends are chatting on Instagram:
Friend1: Hi Sam... i'm so upset yar. 
Friend2: Hello bro.. Why are you upset? 
Friend1: My girlfriend dumped me. 
Friend2: LMFAO 

These words are used by so called cool generation usually among their group. These aren't appropriate for formal and official chatting. So, you should aware of it.

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