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ICSE Full Form - Indian Certificate of secondary education



  • The Indian Certificate of secondary education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination.
  • It’s a private, non-governmental board of school education in India for class 10th.
  • It’s designed to satisfy the recommendation of new Education policy 1986. Then the demand for ICSE affiliated schools is increasing. The mode of examination in ICSE is English. Only the regular students from the affiliated colleges of ICSE are allowed to seem during this examination. Private students aren't allowed for this examination.

Subjects in ICSE

The subjects offered by ICSE are divided into three groups:

Group 1 : Compulsory subjects

  • English, History, Civics and Geography, and Indian Language.

Group 2 : Can select any two subjects from the following subjects

  • Mathematics, Science, environmental science, Agriculture Science, computer science, Commercial Studies, Technical Drawing, Economics, a modern Foreign Language, A Classical Language.

Group 3 : Can select any one from the following subjects

  • Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Commercial Applications, Home Science, Art, performing arts, Cookery, Fashion Designing, Physical Education, Yoga, Technical Drawing Applications.
  • There is 20% weightage for internal assessment in group 1 and group 2 and 50% weightage in group 3.

Important Points about ICSE Exam

  • Here are a couple of details about the ICSE exam:
    • The ICSE curriculum focuses on the overall development of the student.
    • There is a wide range of subjects in ICSE to choose from.
    • The ICSE syllabus is vast and extensive.
    • ICSE syllabus provides detailed and practical knowledge of various concepts.
    • The English language is given importance in ICSE. This helps students in clearing exams like TOEFL and IELTS.
    • Private candidates cannot appear for the ICSE exam.
    • Since the results of ICSE exam is released as marks/percentage, students get a clearer idea about their performance.

Benefits of ICSE Board

  • It focuses on the child's overall growth.
  • Its syllabus is vast giving equal importance to all subjects.
  • It offers the flexibility of choosing specific subjects.
  • It gives emphasis on the detailed study of every subject with an edge over English.
  • It is accepted by most of the schools and colleges across the world.
  • The ICSE syllabus is well-structured and compressive. It aims to impart analytical skills, problem-solving skills and practical knowledge to the students.

Difference between CBSE and ICSE



The CBSE board is a more relevant for medical and engineering
examinations. Its main focus is on mathematics and science.
The ICSE has a more balanced syllabus and works for children? overall growth. It is more relevant for management careers.
CBSE has more scholarships and talent search examinations. ICSE is newer so it has fever scholarships and talent search examinations.
The syllabus of CBSE is small and compact. The syllabus of ICSE is very vast and lengthy.
CBSE is older than ICSE so more schools follow its syllabus pattern.
It is more popular than ICSE.
ICSE is comparatively new so fever schools follow its syllabus pattern. It is less popular than CBSE.
CBSE follows both Hindi and English medium ICSE follows only English medium

ICSE Preparation

  • It is important to note that despite the differences between ICSE and CBSE, ICSE students can prepare for and crack competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, etc. with easily.
  • The basic syllabus of subjects like Science and Maths are almost the same. With proper practice of questions, ICSE can definitely crack these exams.
  • ICSE students can take Class 10 Mock Tests for Science and Maths on Embibe. These tests, available for free of charge, will help not only in their ICSE Board exam but also in other competitive exams.

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