PSI Full Form | Full Form of PSI

i) PSI Full Form - Pound per Square Inch

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 Pound per square inch

Pound per square inch

  • PSI stands for Pound per square inch.
  • It's the unit of pressure. One PSI is equla to the pressure which is made when one pound force is applied to a part of 1 square inch. So, PSI is that the measure of force which is exerted on one square inch area.
  • 1 PSI= 1 lb (pound)/ 1inch2

ii) PSI Full Form - Population Services International

  • PSI stands forPopulation Services International.
  • It's a worldwide health organization which was established to enhance the health of individuals within the developing countries.
  • It educates people about the advantages of birth control and provides clinical services and life-saving drugs for serious diseases like HIV , malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition.
  • The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C. its spread across over 60 countries around the world and has around 9,000 staff members.
 Population Services International

Population Services International

Brief history

  • PSI was founded in 1970. For the first fifteen years. It mainly worked in birth control and educated people about the advantages of birth control.
  • In 1985, it started providing oral rehydration therapy.
  • In 1988, it started HIV prevention project which promoted fidelity and use of condoms.
  • In the 1990s, it included malaria and safe water in its services.
  • In 2004, it added tuberculosis to its portfolio.

PSI in India

  • PSI started providing clinical services in India in 1988.
  • It currently has around 1000 staff members across 20 states of India.
  • A number of the main health issues it's treating in India are listed below:
    • HIV / AIDS
    • Malaria prevention
    • Child survival
    • Sanitation
    • Tuberculosis
    • Maternal Health
    • Family Planning

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