DSLR Full Form Camera | Full Form of DSLR Camera

DSLR Full Form - Digital Single-Lens Reflex

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Digital Single-Lens Reflex(DSLR)

  • DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex.
  • It refers to a camera that integrates optics and mechanism of single-lens reflex camera with the digital imaging sensor.
  • In simple words, it's a camera which uses mirror to direct the sunshine from the lens to viewfinder.
  • The viewfinder may be a hole which lies on the rear of the camera and used to preview the image before you capture it.
  • DSLR camera comes with interchangeable lenses. It enables you to swap lenses to get different views of a scene.

DSLR Camera Parts

DSLR Camera Parts

  • The key components of a DSLR camera are:
    • Lens
    • Reflex mirror
    • Shutter
    • Image sensor
    • Matte focusing screen
    • Condenser Lens
    • Pentaprism
    • Eyepiece/Viewfinder

How a DSLR works

  • Light enters the camera through the lens and strikes the reflex mirror.
  • The reflex mirror reflects the light vertically upward to the focusing screen.
  • Light passes through focusing screen and enters the pentaprism which may be a block of glass.
  • Pentaprism redirects the light through two separate mirrors then diverts it towards viewfinder
  • The viewfinder gives you the live preview of the image.
  • Now once you click the button to require a photo the reflex mirror flips upward and blocks the vertical path of light to stay it straight towards image sensor.
  • The shutter opens up and the light reaches the image sensor.

Some of the advantages of DSLR camera over Simple Digital Camera

  • Speed
  • Picture Quality
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Large ISO range
  • Easy editing
  • Low noise
  • Faster focusing
  • High quality in low light
  • Ability to use filters
  • Dust removal system


  • Size is large and weight is heavy.
  • Strenuous in accomplishing simple tasks.
  • Hard to hold during photo shoot.
  • Complicated in settings.
  • Cost is higher.

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