URL Full Form in Computer | What is the Full Form of URL in Computer

URL Full Form - Uniform Resource Locator

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 Uniform Resource Locator

Uniform Resource Locator

  • URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It's the address of a resource, which may be a selected webpage or a file, on the web.
  • It's also referred to as web address when it's used with http. It had been created in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • URL may be a specific character string that's wont to access data from the World Wide Web. It's a kind of URI.
  • Every URL contains the following information: ( full form of URL )
    • The scheme name or protocol.
    • A colon, two slashes.
    • A host, normally called a website name but sometimes as a literal IP address.
    • A colon followed by a port number.
    • Full path of the resource.
 Uniform Resource Locator

Uniform Resource Locator

  • The URL of an web page is displayed above on the page within the address bar. A typical URL seems like this:
    • https://www.wikitechy.com/
    • The above URL contains:
    • A URL is often entered manually by typing it within the address bar of your browser.
    • If the URL doesn't contain a legitimate server, a browser may display a "Server not found" error and if the path within the URL is wrong, the browser may display a "404 error".
    • A URL doesn't contain spaces and uses forward slashes to represent different directories. So, dashes and underscores are used separate the words of an web address.

What is URI ( full form of URI )

  • URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It's a generic term for all the name and addresses which show objects on the World Wide Web.
  • It's generally a sequence of characters which identifies a logical resource or the name and site of a file or resource in a uniform format.
  • A URI are often of two types:
    • Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
    • Uniform Resource Names (URNs).
  • It enables resources to be accessed by other computers across a network or over the World Wide Web.

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