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VDU Full Form - Visual Display Unit

 Visual Display Unit

Visual Display Unit

  • VDU Stands for “Visual Display Unit.” A VDU displays images generated by a computer or other electronic device. The term VDU is usually used synonymously with “monitor,” but it also can check with another kind of display, like a digital projector.
  • Short for visual display unit, VDU is an older British term used to describe any device used with computers to display text and pictures. For example, a flat-panel display and a projector are both samples of VDUs. However, VDU is most ordinarily used to describe the CRT monitor, a now archaic standard that has been replaced by flat-panel display methods like LED .
  • Early VDUs had a 13" screen size. By the mid-1990s, 15" and 17" VDU screen sizes became more common, with some 20" screen sizes starting to emerge on the market. By the first 2000s, flat-panel monitors with 15" and 17" screen sizes gained popularity and began replacing CRT monitors.
  • Short for video display unit, VDU may be a computer that allows for input by a user and output to a display, like a computer monitor. A VDU consists of a display device and a keyboard, and will also include a mouse. Within the US, it's sometimes mentioned as a display screen terminal, or VDT.

Is VDU an Output Device ?

  • A Video display unit (VDU) consists of: A computer output device that uses a beam tube or other technology to present visual images.
  • One or more input devices, like a keyboard, a mouse, or both.

How does VDU work ?

  • The term VDU refers to any piece of kit in use which features a monitor which the user looks at and also a keyboard which the user types on to interact with the System or Computer.
  • Adjust your chair and VDU to seek out the most comfortable position for your work.

What are the kinds of VDU ?

 Two Main Technologies

Two Main Technologies

  • Types of Visual Display Units. Two main technologies, liquid crystals and organic light-emitting diodes, currently dominate the market for visual displays.
  • An older technology, the beam tube, has about vanished from the scene, and plasma monitors also see use in some applications.

VDU Advantages

  • The VDU is generally not very expensive.
  • It has high quality resolution.
  • Animation capability.
  • Virtually unlimited range of variable color capability.
  • The modern VDU's are thinner, which suggests less space.

VDU Disadvantages

  • If you would like to examine a video or a movie, even a game sometimes they have a selected number of graphic.
  • Limited screen size which effects character size and limits effective viewing distance.
  • The screen is sensitive and in fact you need to be careful when cleaning.

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