ECC Full Form | Full Form of ECC in SAP | What is the Full form of ECC

ECC Full Form - Excise Control Code ( full form of ecc )

 Excise Control Code

Excise Control Code

  • ECC stands for Excise Control Code. It is a PAN based 15 digit alpha numeric registration numbers given to all who is liable to pay excise duty under Central Excise Act.
Format of ECC: PAN + Category Code + Numeric Code
  • First 10 digit of the code will be same as PAN digit of the concerned person. The next two characters will be alphabet which could be:
  • XM-Central Excise Manufacturer
  • XD-Registered Dealer
  • The last three characters could be 001, 002, 003.

ECC Full Form : ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Central Component

 Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • SAP ECC is documented software containing several modules, utilized by the organizations to possess an impact over their business process.
  • These modules communicate with one another to offer an entire integrated solution to their customers.


  • It helps collect and organize data from different departments of a corporation.
  • It ensures coordination among different departments of a corporation.
  • It allows a corporation to standardize and automate its business processes.
  • It ensures all departments are working with an equivalent data and same key performance indicators.

Modules that come under ECC are

  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Human Capital Management
  • Logistics
  • Material Management
  • Sales and Distribution

ECC Full Form - Error Correcting Code ( full form of ecc )

 Error Correcting Code

Error Correcting Code

  • ECC may be a memory need to detect and proper internal errors.
  • Mainly it's found within the computers where a slightest error can change the entire output like in scientific computing.
  • They will detect and proper error up to at least one bit per word, but in additional than one bit, it can only detect errors.
  • It's widely utilized in the sector of data storage and network transmission as a increase in data rate tends to increase corresponding errors.

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