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GMO Full Form - Genetically Modified Organism

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 Genetically Modified Organism

Genetically Modified Organism

  • GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It refers to a plant, animal or the other organism whose genetic makeup has been altered or modified through recombinant DNA technology (gene splicing), gene modification or transgenic technology.
  • GMO is produced through a laboratory process where genes of 1 organism are extracted and transferred to another organism or a different species. As this process involves transfer of genes, the GMOs also are called "transgenic" organisms.
  • This process could also be called Genetic Engineering or Genetic Modification.
  • This technology has developed over the years to face the challenges of feeding an ever-growing population by creating crops with pest, virus and climate resistance.
  • The bacterial genes that encode for pest or herbicide resistance are introduced into the genomes of crops to produce GM crops. Foods produced from GMOs are referred to as GM foods.
  • The commonly found GM crops within the Unites States are Soy, Corn, Cotton, and Canola.
  • The majority are engineered for herbicide tolerance or insect resistance.
  • Golden rice has been engineered with three genes that increase its nutritional value.
  • Other prospects for GM crops are as bioreactors for the assembly of biopharmaceuticals, biofuels or medicines.
  • Animals are generally much harder to rework and therefore the vast majority are still at the research stage.
  • Mammals are the simplest model organisms for humans, making ones genetically engineered to resemble serious human diseases important to the invention and development of treatments.
  • Human proteins expressed in mammals are more likely to be almost like their natural counterparts than those expressed in plants or microorganisms.
  • A narrower definition provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the world Health Organization and therefore the European Commission says that the organisms must be altered during a way that does "not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination". There are samples of crops that fit this definition, but aren't normally considered GMOs.
  • For ex, the grain crop triticale was fully developed during a laboratory in 1930 using various techniques to change its genome.
  • The modern recombinant DNA acid technology can stitch together pieces of DNA with genes, no matter the source of DNA
  • For example, there are GMO pigs that glow within the dark as a gene for bioluminescence from a jellyfish has been inserted into their DNA. Similarly, scientists have developed tomatoes that resist frost and freezing temperature by inserting antifreeze genes from a cold-water fish, the winter flounder.

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