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PWD Full Form - Public Works Department

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 Public Works Department

Public Works Department

  • PWD stands for Public Works Department.
  • It's a Govt. Of India department which deals with the development and maintenance of public infrastructures like roads, building , bridges, water systems, and more.
  • It's a central authority that's liable for all kinds of public sector works in India.
  • To rearrange the safe drinking water for the town and repair the damaged water pipes is additionally the responsibility of the PWD.
  • Furthermore, if there's any damage to any government schools, hospitals, roads, the repair is completed by PWD.
  • PWD is present in every state of India. Its divisions, sub-divisions, and sections.
  • Altogether states, it's almost an equivalent work and responsibilities, like design and construction of all public projects undertaken by Government, building and developing roads, safety, and facilities on roads and highways, maintenance and restructuring of state buildings, etc.
  • This kind of labor formerly conducted by the military in India. Later within the middle of the 19th century, the responsibility for structure was omitted to a special section of the Indian government officials.
  • The Work of PWD is often divided into four categories:
    • Construction, Development, and Safety of Roads, Highways, Flyovers
    • Construction and Maintenance of state Buildings
    • Drinking Water System
    • Construction and Maintenance of Bridge

PWD Recruitment

  • PWD is separate according to state, every state releases the vacancies per annum.
  • There are different posts include in PWD like Architecture, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, etc. So every state starts recruitment for each post. So if you would like to try to the work in PWD then you'll apply for PWD recruitment.
  • And that we give the knowledge associated with PWD recruitment and government jobs on this website on a day to day. So you'll visit this website daily for brand spanking new vacancies.

What is the salary of PWD Workers ?

  • You know that there are different posts within the PWD. Therefore the salary of PWD staff is in line with the post.
  • In mainly the salary of PWD workers are 30,000 to 60000 per month.
  • The salary decreases and increases according with the Pay Commission.

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