EDGE Full Form | What is the Full Form of EDGE

EDGE Full Form - Enhanced Data Rates for GSM (Global System for Mobile) Evolution

  • EDGE is an enhanced version of GSM and offers high speed 3G built on GSM.
  • It's sort of information system used on GSM network wont to allow improved data transmission rates.
  • It can transmit 3 times more bits than GPRR within the same length of your time. EDGE is an "add-on" to GPRS, it cannot work alone.
  • It had been deployed on GSM networks by AT&T in 2003 within the us.
 Full Form of EDGE

Full Form of EDGE


  • EDGE has successfully replaced GSM without disrupting the existence frequency reuse scheme.
  • Technically, EDGE provides a speed of 384kbps but labeled as 2.75G by industry.

Key Elements added in EDGE ( full form of edge )

  • Use of 8PSK : Modulation format has been changed to 8PSK which provides the advantage to convey 3 bits per symbol.
  • Base station : Some small changes are made within the base station.
  • Upgrade to network architecture : It offers IP based transfer rate which makes it necessary to add some more network elements.
  • Mobile stations : To use EDGE facilities, it's mandatory to give a GSM EDGE handset because each and each set cannot be upgraded.


  • Provide increase rate, e.g. high speed on GSM radio carriers as provided by broadband.
  • It can retransmit a packet with more robust coding which suggests re-segmentation is feasible.
  • In EDGE packets are addressed up to 2048 while in GSM it's from 1 to 128.
  • Similarly EDGE has a window size of 1024 and GSM window size was 64.
  • EDGE reduces the amount of bursts to retransmit when error occurs.
  • It allows multimedia file transfer, web browsing and video conferencing through wireless terminals.
  • It enables operators to triple the data rate of subscribers and supply extra capacity to their voice communications.
  • It requires less radio resources to support an equivalent traffic as supported by GSM networks.

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