ICT Full Form | Full Form of ICT in Computer

ICT Full Form - Information and Communications Technology

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 Information and Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology

  • ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology.
  • It's an umbrella term that refers to technological tools and resources (communication devices and applications) used to handle network based control and monitoring, telecommunications, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, intelligent building management systems, broadcast media then on.
  • It includes any product that stores, retrieves and manages the digital data like computers, mobile phones, robots, etc.
  • ICT can't be defined in a particular way because the methods and applications involved in ICT are evolving day by day.
 Process of Ict

Process of Ict

Various component of ICT

  • The word ICT is widely accepted as representing all technologies that enable individuals, association to attach within the digital world together.
    • Communication technology
    • Cloud computing
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • Internet access
    • Data
    • Transaction

Significance of ICT

  • ICT has become a basic need for today's society. Business organizations use ICT in some ways, for example, to extend productivity, bring customers, step up their resources, etc.
  • ICT applications add some intelligent or smart features to the present technologies.
  • ICT industry has direct also as indirect influence on economic growth.
  • Modern communication network are often used to increase the advertisement and growth of the enterprise.
  • Many industrial services depended directly or indirectly on ICT.

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