VIP Full Form | Full Form of VIP

VIP Full Form - Very Important Person

 Very Important Person

Very Important Person

  • VIP stands for Very Important Person. He or she may be a one that is accorded special privilege due to his or her status, influence or importance.
  • VIPs is heads of state , celebrities, entrepreneurs, army officers, etc. For example, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani, NSA (National Security Advisor) Ajit Doval, and celebrities like Amitab Bacchan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, etc.
  • VIP persons are provided special attention and security in public places.
  • They rarely found alone in public places and typically accompanied by their security guards or team once they travel outside or move out of their residence.
  • Besides this, in some cases, rather than an individual, a service is often mentioned as a VIP service.
  • For example, during a movie hall, you'll find VIP seats which will be purchased by anyone who is trying to find a high level of comfort and privacy by paying an extra amount.
  • Similarly, most of the airlines even have VIP seats which will be purchased by anyone; however, their cost is extremely high as compared to economy class seats. So, just in case of VIP service, a VIP person is seen travelling in a economy class and a standard person is seen travelling in a VIP section.

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