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CEO Full Form - Chief Executive Officer



  • Chief Executive Officer is that the most senior corporate officer or administrator in any organization who takes care of overall management and administration.
  • The CEO of an organization or company directly reports to the chairman or board of directors. He's responsible to form changes by applying policies and motivating the workers.
  • Lots of hard work, experience, and business networking is required to become a CEO.

Eligibility criteria

  • There is nothing an identical and comprehensive educational credential required for the role to be the CEO of any company or corporation.
  • The CEO is that the leading position in a company or organization picked by a company’s board of directors
  • Much of it's observed that an oversized number of CEOs have a degree in science, law or engineering.


  • The Company's Chairman or board of directors set a lot of responsibilities for the CEO. A number of the CEO's responsibilities are:
    • Makes change in policies and strategy
    • Leads all the operations of the organization
    • Assigns responsibilities to its sub-ordinates
    • Makes major corporate decisions
    • Makes the healthy working environment
    • Motivates the workers of the organization
    • Assists within the selection of board members
    • Oversees the production, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of products and services
    • Recommends annual budget and wisely manages resources of the organization

Educational Qualification to become a CEO

  • There is not a selected educational qualification to become a CEO of a corporation. This is often a top most post and being appointed by the board of directors of an organization; but it's seen that the majority of the CEO's have a MDA or a technical degree.
  • The following are the two major considerations being envisaged while selecting the CEO:
 Education Qualification of CEO

Education Qualification of CEO

  • Training :
    • Some companies require the CEO to under training before they're boarded as Chief executive officer. Training might be associated with executive development, leadership, and ongoing professional skills and development.
  • Relevant Experience :
    • They're expected to carry a substantial relevant experience with them. The board of directors usually prefers a CEO with progressive and sustainable performance and responsibility.

Skill Requirement

  • Skills required to become a CEO vary from organization to organization, but there are some basic and customary skills set required for each Chief executive officer. The following are the skill requirement.
    • He should have an entrepreneurial mind, including outstanding management and leadership skills.
    • He should be a great communicator who enjoys his work with minimum support and who enjoys working autonomously.
    • He should be ready to create insights and make decisions quickly.
    • He should pick up new ideas very quickly and implement an equivalent.
    • He should create an environment in order that people love working with him, and he should work together to get the specified results from colleagues.

Job Opportunities

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the work opportunities for the CEO are expected to rise by 8% through 2026, which is comparatively above the average employment rate of growth of seven across the varied other industries within the US.

Salaries of CEO

  • Chief executive officers are consistently outpacing the average pay of working professionals.
  • It's been observed that within the last 10 years, the average pay of CEO of fortune 500 companies have increased by quite $0.5 Million to $14.5 Million within the year 2018.
  • In other cases, workers’ wages and therefore the non-supervisory nature of jobs have witnessed a rise of $800 a year and a yearly income of $39,950 within the year 2018.
  • According to the survey conducted by Stanford University’s Rock school for corporate governance, the median salary of Chief executive officer of fortune 500 companies is circa $10.5 Million.
  • The salary of the average CEO depends on industry, location, experience, and therefore the kind of employer he's working with. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics average salary of CEO across the US are:
    • The annual Median Salary : $186,600.
    • Annual Top 10% Salary : $208,000
    • Annual bottom 10% Salary : 68,360

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