EDP Full Form in Computer | Full Form of EDP

EDP Full Form - Electronic Data Processing

 Full Form of EDP

Full Form of EDP

  • Electronic Data Processing, is nothing but a synonym for IS (Information Services or systems) or MIS (Management Information Services or systems).
  • It refers to the processing of-commercial data, storing documents, transferring information from paper into digital format with the use of a computer involving electronic communication.
  • It had been created with the term DP(Data Processing).
  • In simple words, it's a process comprising of three stages which are as follows:
    • Input : The data is entered through input devices like keyboard, digitizer, scanner etc.
    • Processing : The data is manipulated through software programs that sometimes include translation, formula, code application, and encryption etc.
    • Output : The processed data is passed to the user within the type of reports, audio, video etc.
 Process of EDP

Process of EDP


  • Lyons Electronic Office (LEO) developed first commercial business computer in UK in 1951. At that point data could only be entered through punched tape or cards.
  • These punched cards needed to be separately manufactured. Processing commercial data was extremely tough and really time consuming.
  • At first, individual organizations created their own software, bespoke processing software.
  • With the arrival of microprocessors, punch cards were retired and it became possible to process data electronically using simple desktop computers.


  • Speed :
    • The information stored and managed through EDP are often retrieved quickly.
  • Efficiency :
    • It allows you generate summary documents (invoices, reports, statements) automatically and quickly.
  • Cost-effective :
    • Long-run total cost of managing data through EDP is less.
  • Less errors or mistakes :
    • Errors like repeated entries, duplication of efforts are greatly reduced or eliminated in EDP.

EDP in Modern era

  • In today's electronics world, EDP term isn't that much used. Almost in every sector there's use of computers.
  • Companies hire employees to convert their raw information digitally to supply products and services to their customers during a timely and efficient way.

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