IDE Full Form in Computer | Full Form of IDE in Computer

i) IDE Full Form - Integrated Development Environment

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 Integrated Development Environment

Integrated Development Environment

  • IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment.
  • It's a programming environment that contains tons of things during a single package i.e. Code editor, compiler, debugger and what you see is what you get (WYCIWYG).
  • It's actually a software application that provides comprehensive facilities for software development to computer programmers.
  • It combines all the essential tools that developers got to write or test software.
  • This kind of environment allows an application developer to write down code while compiling, debugging and executing it at the same place.
  • It is a standalone application or a part of one or more compatible applications.
 Process of Ide

Process of Ide

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ii) IDE Full Form - Integrated Drive Electronics

 Integrated Drive Electronics

Integrated Drive Electronics

  • IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics.
  • It's a standard interface used for connecting motherboard to storage devices like Hard Discs, CD-ROM/ DVD Drives, HDD etc.
  • IDE is different from SCSI and ESDI as its controllers are on each drive which allows drivers to directly connect with the controller or motherboard.
  • The first IDE had a 16-bit interface that connected two devices to one ribbon cable.
  • IDE was adopted as a standard by ANSI and named for it as Advanced Technology Attachment ( ATA ).
  • The first IDE standard was introduced in 1994, it could support data transfer rates of 8.3 Mbps
  • In 1996, Enhanced IDE was standardized which could support data transfer rates of 16.7 Mbps.

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